Drinking apple cider vinegar orally can help you lose weight, research shows

Drinking apple cider vinegar orally can help you lose weight, research shows

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Beirut: For those looking to lose weight without exercise, there is good news in the form of a new study that suggests drinking apple cider vinegar daily can help with weight loss.

This research study was conducted by researchers from the Holy Spirit University in Lebanon, in which they say that apple cider vinegar can be an excellent supplement to get rid of constipation and there are no side effects of using it. .

Several previous studies have confirmed the reduction of blood sugar levels and appetite with the use of apple cider vinegar. ), reduces triglyceride (a type of fat found in the blood) and cholesterol.

According to the spirit of this study, Dr. Roni Abu Khalil, during the research study, 46 male and 74 female volunteers were evaluated for three months, whose ages were between 27 and 34 years.

120 men and women were divided into four groups, the first three groups drank 5, 10 and 15 ml of apple cider vinegar before breakfast every day for 12 weeks, while the fourth group was experimentally given a harmless liquid. It was taken and given.

Volunteers participating in the study also provided the researchers with information about diet and physical activity.

After three months, researchers noted weight loss in all three groups, with volunteers in these groups losing fat from their hips and waist.

Participants in the 15 ml daily vinegar group lost an average of 170 to 155 pounds, while those in the 10 ml vinegar group lost 174 to 159 pounds, and the third group lost an average of 174. down to 163 pounds.

Although the participants in this study lost weight over three months, Dr. Abu Khalil says that the study had a limited number of volunteers and that the three-month period is not too long. It is not possible to say anything about the possible long-term side effects of apple cider vinegar based on

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