Doesn't drinking more water at Suhoor make you thirsty for the whole day?

Doesn’t drinking more water at Suhoor make you thirsty for the whole day?

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Karachi: Many people drink a lot of water at Suhoor and think that by doing this we will not feel thirsty for the whole day.

According to medical experts, drinking more water in Suhoor with the idea that you will not feel thirsty for the whole day is a big misunderstanding because when the amount of water in our body increases even a little bit, the body immediately excretes it by making urine.

According to experts, if you drink a lot of water in Suhoor, you have to go to the wash frequently and the excess water is excreted in the form of urine within an hour or two.

According to experts, you should drink only enough water in Suhoor to quench your thirst for that time because you must have eaten food and drinking too much water can cause indigestion and acidity.

Experts say that to avoid thirst during fasting, protect yourself from the sun as much as possible so that your body does not sweat because there is a risk of dehydration in case of sweating.

Women should avoid working in the kitchen in hot environments and try to go near the stove only for essential work and cut vegetables sitting under the fan.

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