Causes and treatment of obesity

Causes and treatment of obesity

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Obesity is a physical condition of the human body in which fat accumulates on the body, the weight is increased and the skin becomes thinner. Experts have not been able to give a satisfactory answer to the question of why some people are fat. Many studies have been conducted regarding obesity or weight gain in humans.

Every time some new reason comes up. Most of the people think that due to lifestyle, eating and drinking, sitting all the time, sleeping and not exercising, the weight increases and the person becomes obese. However, it has also been seen that there are some people in the world who eat all kinds of food, do not exercise, including sitting for a long time, but still they do not suffer from obesity.

Obesity certainly leads to many problems. Obesity is also one of the leading causes of death in developing and developed countries. According to an estimate, 70 percent of people worldwide are currently obese or overweight. In order to lose weight or obesity, such people prefer to stay hungry for a long time, while they also do various exercises. It has also been observed that some people suffer from obesity despite eating less food and exercising. The question arises, why does this happen and how does a person become fat and by what things?

Every human body is different. Everyone’s body is also unique in its ability to absorb nutrients and distribute nutrients throughout the body. We all know how to gain weight. When we start eating more calories than we need, we start gaining weight, but why do we start eating more than we need? Because sometimes there is a sudden urge to eat high calorie foods like chocolate or cake.

Although we find that after a while we will regret it. Obesity occurs as a result of overeating, if there is no disease. If the food we eat contains more energy than the daily energy intake, this surplus gets stored in the form of fat in our body and leads to weight gain. Therefore, it is better if proper exercise is done along with it.

Experts have also found evidence that stress is a major cause of obesity. In the state of high mental stress, our sleep is disturbed, due to which we feel more hungry and get rest only by eating something and the amount of sugar in the blood is also affected.

A few more causes of obesity

Smoking affects breathing, reducing oxygen consumption. As a result, appetite increases and weight gain begins. Some families carry unhealthy genes that increase appetite. The habits and attitudes of some families affect food and lead to obesity. Sometimes it happens unintentionally and sometimes there are some factors. This disease also occurs as a result of a person’s own mistake.

The most important thing is how to lose weight if the body becomes overweight. The most difficult step is to lose weight. Losing weight is relatively easy. 90% of people are suffering from this disease due to their own mistake. If the obesity is gone, the complaint of asthma may also occur. May cause heart problems.

What should be done to avoid obesity?

Whatever we eat and drink, we should know how much food our body needs. When you feel hungry, you should eat, if you are still a little hungry, you should stop eating. This is such a great principle that people who adopt this principle are very fit, smart, agile, very mobile. All their senses function optimally and they do not suffer from fatigue.

A healthy person, regardless of his weight, needs more or less 2,000 calories per day. They vary in such a way that a person who knows he needs 2,000 calories but acts like that. In which he has to sit in an office all day or a job that does not involve much effort, on the other hand, a laborer carrying sacks, plowing the roads or plowing the fields will need more calories than the first person. of the. And she has to get her 2,000 calories, but the majority of us women generally don’t do a lot of hard work. After working for a couple of hours at home, they have to rest. The sign of exertion is that the body begins to sweat and the pulse rate increases, the breathing rate increases. In this case we can say that more energy or more calories were expended.

To find out how many calories you need to consume in a day, take your weight in pounds and multiply by 12. If the weight of 100 pounds is multiplied by 12, the answer is 1200. That is, in a day you have to consume 1200 calories. By reducing your calorie intake to lose weight, you will lose weight. This rule is for men. Women will consume six percent of those calories. That is, they need 1128 calories for 100 pounds. If a person weighs 100 pounds and needs 1,200 calories, they should eat 1,000 calories for the first 20 to 15 days.

If the 200 calories are not met, then the calories stored in the body as fat will start to be used, thus the weight will start to decrease. Along with using things that cleanse the stomach. We need to know how many calories are in a food item (e.g. meat and vegetables) and how many calories will be used to do what activity.

For example, a person climbs the stairs for an hour, then he uses 1100 calories, swims for an hour, spends 500 calories, and runs 550. Thus sleeping consumes 60 calories in an hour. An hour of sitting burns 90 calories. Thus, women spend 170-200 calories in housework and women say they work so much, why are they not losing weight. An hour of brisk walking burns about 400 calories.

Skipping breakfast leads to weight gain. Breakfast is a must, even if it is a biscuit. Thus, dinner is also very important. If not eaten, psychological problems arise in a person and sleep also disappears. Instead of lunch we can have fruit or salad. Skipping lunch doesn’t make any difference but skipping breakfast and if not done early causes bloating.

Eating watermelon before eating cleans the stomach and if watermelon is not available then eat any of these fruits like melon, papaya, sarda, garma before eating (one and a half hours before) to reduce the fat inside the stomach. It leads to flatulence and weight loss.

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