Avoid Fried Foods During Fasting Ramadan, Experts

Avoid Fried Foods During Fasting Ramadan, Experts

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Karachi: Medical experts said Is That fasting people should avoid fried food in the blessed month of Ramadan, use fruits that have high water content in breakfast and iftar, while diabetics should eat colorful and sweet drinks and high blood pressure patients should eat salty and salty drinks. Avoid processed foods.

These views were expressed by nutritionist Naveed Bhutto and general physician Dr. Faisal Javed while talking to Express News on Monday.

General Physician Dr. Faisal Javed said that in the month of Ramadan, eat foods that are solid, but not made of flour, because fasting increases the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Bread can be eaten in Suhoor, but papa and double bread should not be eaten, because these things are digested quickly, due to which the person may go into hypoglycemia.

He said to eat foods which are less in chillies and oil, more in meat, fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried food including samosas and pakodas in urban Iftar. Use more urban fruits in Iftar. A normal person can eat a small amount of samosas and pakodas once or twice a week, but it is not correct to eat samosas and pakodas immediately after fasting for a continuous month.

He said that many people complain that they gain weight despite fasting, this is the reason behind it. In modern times, there is the air fryer, which cooks samosas and pakoras with very little oil. Eating too much fried food at breakfast can lead to obesity, a build-up of fat in the arteries, which increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

He added that the issue of fasting in Ramadan is complicated for diabetics, as there are many aspects to whether a diabetic can fast or not. We first ask how long the patient has had the disease, how well the sugar is controlled, how often the patient has hypoglycemia. How were the last few days? If these problems do not occur, the patient can fast. If he has these difficulties, he cannot fast, if the patient with diabetes has kidney failure or is affected by blood pressure and heart attack, hypoglycemia, and sugar is also not under control, then we suggest will do that you do not fast. Those who can fast should ask their doctor regarding the change in the amount and timing of their medicines. Blood pressure patients should avoid salty and fried foods.

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