As the parachute did not open, the aid packet fell on the Palestinians; 5 dead, 10 injured

As the parachute did not open, the aid packet fell on the Palestinians; 5 dead, 10 injured

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Heavy packets fell like rockets on a Palestinian family waiting for aid on the roof of their house, Photo: Reuters

During a helicopter drop of aid in Gaza, a heavy packet fell onto a Palestinian family waiting for aid on a rooftop after the parachute failed to open.

According to the World News Agency, an official of the Jordanian army told AFP on the condition of anonymity that Jordan and the United States are involved in the operation of dropping relief supplies from helicopters by parachute.

The Jordanian army official further said that our helicopters, together with other 4 countries, completed their aid delivery operation without any loss of life or property, but there is no information about the American operation.

AFP tried to get a response from the US military on the matter, but no one was available for comment.

The aid pack dropped like a rocket. Its speed and weight can be estimated from the fact that the roof of the house was severely damaged and a wall collapsed.

This tragic incident took place in the Panai Gazan camp in Al-Shati coastal area of ​​Gaza, in which 5 people have been reported dead and 10 injured so far.

The condition of 4 injured people is said to be critical and they are being transferred to al-Shafa Hospital, the only remaining largest hospital in Gaza for better treatment. The lack of medical facilities in Gaza is also contributing to the increase in casualties.

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It should be noted that due to the limited and insufficient number of trucks laden with aid being allowed to enter Gaza, millions of Palestinians have become victims of food shortages.

After the insufficient delivery of relief goods from trucks, the second problem is the loss of life caused by the stampede and subsequent firing by the Israeli army while taking the relief goods from the trucks.

On which the United States and Jordan decided to send relief goods through helicopters, during which large bags of flour and other food items are dropped with the help of parachutes.

The United Nations has reiterated that airdrops of aid cannot be a substitute for overland delivery, so the maximum number of aid trucks should be allowed through border corridors.

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