Android users beware!  This malware can steal your data

Android users beware! This malware can steal your data

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Milan: Cyber ​​experts have warned Android users about a malware hidden in their phones that can steal their information without their knowledge.

Experts have discovered a banking trojan malware called PhonePixPirate which cannot be easily detected by ordinary users.

Experts at ClefiTIR first flagged the threat last month, where they saw the malware targeting Latin American banks.

Smartphone users usually identify an installed malicious app by the app icon on the home screen. However, PixPirate does not use any kind of app icon. In this way this hidden malware works unabated in android phone.

In a separate study by IBM’s security company Trusteere, researchers said this new version of PixPirate uses two different platforms that work together to steal information from devices.

The first platform is the downloader, which users accidentally install because of a message they receive from fraudsters on WhatsApp or text.

After installation, this downloader asks users for certain permissions, which after receiving this downloader installs another app that contains banking malware.

PixPirate has capabilities that mean hackers can do things like transfer money without the phone owner’s knowledge or permission.

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