After the birth of a daughter in old age, the husband left the wife and the newborn

After the birth of a daughter in old age, the husband left the wife and the newborn

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Serbia: After a long wait of 20 years, Atifa Lahich was blessed by nature with the priceless blessing of a child in her old age, but after the birth of her daughter, the husband cut off his relationship with both his wife and the newborn daughter after hearing the sound of her daughter’s cry.

This strange story is about Atifa Lahic, a resident of the western Raska district of Serbia, and her husband Serif Nocic, who were blessed by nature in the form of Alina after many vows and wishes.

Serif is currently 68 years old while his wife Atifa is 60 years old. At this age, women usually lose the ability to become mothers, but nature was kind to this couple and a few days ago a daughter was born to them.

However, as soon as Serif heard the sound of his daughter’s cry, he told his wife Atifa that he was leaving both mother and daughter because her daughter’s cry would disturb his sleep and would not let him sleep at night.

When Serif was asked about leaving his wife, he replied that he (Atifa) got what he wanted, now he is happy.

Serif said that living with a young girl at that age would be harmful to his (Serif’s) health, as he has diabetes and heart problems at the age of 68.

Serif said that with these ailments, it would not be easy for him to spend the night with a screaming baby girl.

His wife Atifa also suffers from many ailments including high blood pressure but she is determined to raise little Alina.

Due to Atifa’s age and health, she was admitted to the hospital three months before the birth of the baby girl, where she was being regularly checked up and given medication.

Atifa says that they both wanted a child and after 20 years of continuous waiting, they were able to become parents with the help of a sperm donor, but after the birth of the baby girl, Serif not only separated from his wife and daughter. He has also refused to give his daughter his name.

Atifa works in a textile factory even in her old age and says that she will take care of her daughter along with the job.

Atifa says that she is sure she will find sympathetic people willing to help her raise Alina.

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