Advent of Ramadan;  A campaign to boycott Israeli dates begins in the UK

Advent of Ramadan; A campaign to boycott Israeli dates begins in the UK

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30,000 tons of dates worth 10 million dollars are imported from Israel to Britain annually, Photo: File

London: The month of Ramadan has begun and this year this holy month has come at a time when the number of Palestinians who have been martyred in the continuous bombing of Gaza for 4 months by Israel has reached 24 thousand while more than 63 thousand are injured. are

The number of displaced people in Gaza due to the Israeli bombardment is more than 2 million people who have neither proper shelter nor food, but their determination is firm and their morale is high.

In solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, there is a worldwide campaign to boycott products that are made by Israel or any company that is involved in any way in the aggression against Gaza.

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Muslims living in the UK have decided not to buy dates from Israel this Ramadan and pamphlets are being distributed and demonstrations are being held to spread more awareness in this regard.

30,000 tonnes of dates are imported from Israel to the UK annually, worth $10 million, and the demand for it increases enormously during Ramadan, but not this year.

The campaign to boycott dates imported from Israel is in full swing in the UK. Shoppers in shopping malls are putting back Israel’s name on packets of dates and are encouraging others to do the same.

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“Most of us were under the impression that dates came from Arab countries, but when boycott supporters launched an awareness campaign, this misconception was dispelled and we will no longer buy Israeli dates at all,” said one customer.

It should be remembered that the organization called ‘FOA’ has started a campaign of boycott of Israeli dates for the last 14 years against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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