Thousands of artists demand that Israel be excluded from the international cultural exhibition in Venice

Thousands of artists demand that Israel be excluded from the international cultural exhibition in Venice

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Artists call Israel’s participation in exhibition support for genocide – Photo: Reuters

Thousands of artists, curators and museum directors have demanded that Israel be excluded from this year’s International Cultural Festival in Venice, Italy, calling it tantamount to supporting genocide.

Al Jazeera reported that the artists said the cultural festival would be like providing a platform for a genocidal state.

The Art Not Genocide said the biennale, a major global exhibition, had banned people linked to the Russian government after Russian intervention in Ukraine two years ago, but had not taken any action against Israel, despite the ongoing war in Gaza.

ANGA, in an online letter signed by more than 12,500 people, said that Biennale is silent on Israel’s atrocities on Palestinians, we are surprised by this double standard.

It was further said that earlier in the Biennale, South Africa was also banned due to their discriminatory system and even today, major human rights organizations call Israel’s occupation of Palestine illegal, a cruel regime and cruelty against humanity. have done

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The International Organization of Artists and Cultural Workers said it was unacceptable to provide a cultural platform to represent a country that continues to commit genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

The statement said that the participation of Israeli representatives in the international cultural exhibition and any work representing Israel is tantamount to its endorsement of the ongoing genocide.

On the other hand, Italy’s Minister of Culture condemned ANGA’s letter as unacceptable and shameful and said it was a threat to freedom of expression and creative work.

It should be noted that since October 7, 2023, Israel’s barbaric actions in Gaza are being criticized at the international level, including the artistic community, and the Israeli actions are being called genocide, and on this basis, South Africa appealed to the International Court of Justice. I have also filed a case against Israel.

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