In the United Nations, the US vetoed the resolution against Israel for the third time in a row

In the United Nations, the US vetoed the resolution against Israel for the third time in a row

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A resolution for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza was presented by Algeria and supported by 13 members, Photo: File

Gaza: The United States once again vetoed the resolution presented in the UN Security Council against the cease-fire in Gaza and Israeli aggression, and completed the hat trick of maintaining its friendship with the Zionist state.

According to the World News Agency, Israel is preparing a major military operation in the Rafah area in Gaza. This is the area where millions of Palestinians have fled their homes and taken refuge in war-torn areas.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has given the message several times that there are a large number of Hamas fighters hiding in Rafah, and these fighters include those who attacked Israel.

Netanyahu could not provide evidence to prove his claim, but ordered his army to invade Rafah for a large and powerful military operation.

On which Algeria submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council to immediately stop the war in Gaza in order to save the lives of the oppressed and subjugated Palestinians.

The text of the resolution called for a ceasefire and the release of hostages, opposing the forced expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza. The resolution was supported by 13 members.

It was hoped that this resolution would be approved, but the United States vetoed the resolution. While Britain did not use its vote.

It should be remembered that during the Israeli bombing of Gaza since October 7, this was the third resolution of the United Nations Security Council against Israeli aggression and an immediate cease-fire, which was vetoed by the United States.

The international news agency ‘AFP’ has claimed that the US wants to bring an alternative resolution to the UN in which the word “ceasefire” is not used.

It should be noted that the United States did not support the demand for a ceasefire in the previous resolutions presented in the United Nations Security Council.

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