During the operation in America, a woman's intestine was burnt by a robotic device, a case has been registered

During the operation in America, a woman’s intestine was burnt by a robotic device, a case has been registered

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The company claims to have received thousands of reports of injuries from its robots — Photo: Courtesy of NBC

In the US state of Florida, a woman was sued for her death after a robotic device burned her small intestine during a colon cancer operation.

Florida woman Sandra Soltzer developed abdominal pain and fever after undergoing surgery for colon cancer in September 2021, which required more surgery, according to a lawsuit filed last week, NBC News reported. fell

The deceased woman’s husband, Harvey Soltzer, sued Intuitive Surgical, the company that makes the device, and argued that the woman died in February 2022 due to a small bowel injury and should be awarded damages.

The petition alleges that the company knew that the robot did not have the ability to prevent heat and that there was a risk of radiation leakage and internal organ burns, but the company did not inform the woman or the public.

It was further claimed that the company sells robots to various hospitals where the staff is not experienced in robotic surgery and the surgeons are not trained in the proper use of the device.

The lawsuit says the company has received thousands of reports of such injuries but has not systematically reported them and linked them to food and drugs.

The company did not respond when contacted about the allegations, while Florida attorney Jack Scarola, who represents Harvey Soltzer, said neither he nor his client had anything to say beyond the allegations made in the petition.

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