America imposed more than 500 new sanctions on Russia

America imposed more than 500 new sanctions on Russia

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Washington: The US imposed more sanctions on Russia two years after the invasion of Ukraine and the mysterious death of an opposition leader in prison.

According to the news agency, after the mysterious death of opposition leader Navalny in prison, US President Joe Biden announced the imposition of more than 500 sanctions on Russia.

The US president said the sanctions would ensure that Russian President Putin pays a higher price for aggression abroad and repression at home.

The White House announced the sanctions on Friday, a day before the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions target Russia’s core financial infrastructure as well as people and entities in other countries.

The US says it is helping Russia evade sanctions by providing it with important technology and equipment. In a statement from the White House, President Biden said that Ukraine is running out of ammunition, demanding that the House of Representatives approve new military aid for Ukraine, which is being blocked by Republicans. .

The US President said that history is watching. “The failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will not be forgotten.”

The Treasury Department said the measures are the largest sanctions since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

US sanctions

U.S. Deputy Finance Minister Adamu said while talking to journalists that through these sanctions, we are going to hold Russia accountable, some companies that are providing resources to the Russian army have been banned.

The United States has also imposed sanctions on Russian state-owned company National Payment Card System, which operates the payment system, and has also imposed sanctions on Russian companies that manufacture tanks, lasers and other technologies.

The United States has also imposed sanctions on more than two dozen organizations and individuals from countries that provide finance or technology and equipment to Russia.

Some of the restrictions are in direct response to the killing last week of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny at an Arctic penal colony. The Biden administration says it blames Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government for Navalny’s death.

Adeyemo said the sanctions show that “Alexei Navalny’s death, and the abuses that followed, will not be forgotten or ignored.”

It is unclear what impact this new round of sanctions will have. Over the past two years, Western countries have imposed nearly 2,000 sanctions on Russian companies, banks and individuals in retaliation for the Ukraine invasion.

The Biden administration says the Kremlin has lost 40 percent of its oil revenue, but that will be mitigated by further measures.

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