A citizen suffering from facial pain was examined with a camera, the results scared everyone

A citizen suffering from facial pain was examined with a camera, the results scared everyone

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Florida: An American citizen felt severe pain in his face and rushed to the doctor, but he got the biggest shock of his life when he was told that dozens of bugs were crawling in his nose and eating him from the inside.

According to American media, the unknown citizen from the state of Florida suddenly felt as if his whole face was on fire. Although the citizen first started showing symptoms in October, they have recently turned serious.

Speaking to the media, the American citizen said that within a few hours, my face became swollen and my lips were so swollen that I could hardly speak. I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom because every time I stood up, my nose would bleed.

The citizen immediately visited the nearby HCA Florida Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville and was referred to Dr. David Carlson, an ear, nose and throat specialist.

When Dr. David examined the patient, he was shocked. He looked inside the citizen’s nose with the help of a camera and found that there were dozens of insects crawling in the nose. The doctor later said that I knew how much pain he would be in because the worms were eating his internal organs very close to his eye and brain.

Dr. David initially used suction to remove the worms but was unsuccessful as the worms were large. After that, they removed the insects one by one from their noses. The American citizen is now much calmer and breathing without any discomfort after having 150 live worms removed from his nose.

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