What was the real cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs, a meteorite or something else?

What was the actual explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs, a meteorite or one thing else?

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London: Lengthy-lived mud clouds in Earth’s ambiance could have performed a bigger position within the extinction of the dinosaurs round 66 million years in the past, a brand new examine has discovered.

A examine printed within the journal Nature Geoscience means that fantastic mud within the Earth’s ambiance from a meteorite affect could have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Not solely did the affect of the meteorite launch sulfur-based gases into the ambiance, however in keeping with the researchers, the ensuing mud additionally obscured the solar, halting the photosynthesis means of crops for a number of years and inflicting gasi. There was a scarcity.

The examine’s lead creator and planetary scientist Burke Sennell informed CNN that the Chicxulub meteorite, which had lengthy been assumed to have brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs, was truly a meteorite that lengthy obscured the sky. Mud should have been the trigger.

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