The message of Islam is love

The message of Islam is love

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Allah Almighty has given fundamental significance to mercy, love, compassion, gentleness, kindness and forgiveness in all of the teachings of Islam. All of the teachings of Islam are based mostly on the idea of affection straight or not directly.

As a result of the titles of compassion, love, forgiveness, kindness and mercy in all these teachings are shaped because of the ardour of affection. For instance, when Islam offers guidelines and legal guidelines within the type of the Muhammadan Shari’ah and based mostly on instructions and prohibitions, then these Shari’a guidelines and legal guidelines additionally appear to provide ease and comfort to man in view of his mental weak spot. Offering comfort and ease is a manifestation of Islam’s distinction and love for humanity.

What generally is a better proof that the faith of Islam is a faith of affection than that the complete abstract of the life, sayings and deeds and schooling and coaching of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) together with the teachings of the Qur’an is love and compassion for mankind and all creatures.

Allah, the Exalted, mentions two attributes in Surah Al-Buruj:

“Hwal Ghafoor Al-Wudud” which means: “The Nice Forgiver”. He’s the one who speaks quite a lot of love.”

Allah Ta’ala additionally described His second attribute Al-Wudud together with Ghafoor. Allah Ta’ala’s linking of his two names relies on knowledge, there’s a significant connection between them. The query arises as to how and why he forgives, answered by the following noun that he’s “Wudud” (loving) and he who’s loving forgives.

Allah Ta’ala needs His servants to be forgiving like Him and to be a determine of delight and kindness to all human beings (pals or enemies). If they can’t forgive individuals’s errors and errors, how can they anticipate Allah to forgive their errors and errors? If you need pleasure and charm from Allah Almighty, you then additionally need to be a determine of delight and charm.

Love has a elementary and key place within the faith of Islam. The which means of Allah’s saying within the Qur’an: “And those that consider, they love Allah (greater than everybody else)” (Al-Baqarah).

On this verse, Allah Almighty has described love because the reward of believers.

Hazrat Abu Huraira (RA) narrates that the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned, which means:

”Little question! Deen is simple (and comfortable) and whoever makes it troublesome (and onerous), it would prevail over him.” (Bukhari)

In one other custom, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) addressed Sayyid Ayesha (RA) for the schooling of the Ummah and mentioned, which means:

“O Aisha! Allah is light and likes gentleness, He bestows as a lot on gentleness as not on harshness.” (Ibn Majah)

If we have a look at Islamic teachings from any dimension and side, we really feel that forgiveness, mercy, mercy and compassion are the entire of Islam. In fact! We don’t see a lot compassion and a lot mercy in any faith, any philosophy of life and any system of the world besides Islam. Sorry! We stopped learning Islam, stopped understanding Islam, and consequently we went away from the information of Islam.

Love is the emotion that when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to lift his arms to wish within the presence of Allah, the Exalted, he would ask Him for His love within the prayer, not solely that he would additionally ask for the love of Allah’s beloved servants. The prayer of the Prophet ﷺ can be for acquiring and asking for love. It’s narrated from Hazrat Abdullah bin Yazid Khatmi Ansari that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ used to say these phrases in his supplication, which means:

“O Allah! Give me your love, whose love is worthwhile for me in your sight. Ya Allah! If You withhold from me any of my favourite issues, divert my consideration from it and make the attraction and love of The one you love issues cool for me (externally and internally).” (Tirmidhi)

Praying for love was not solely a blessed behavior of the Prophet ﷺ, but in addition the Prophets (A.S.) are seen asking the identical query of affection within the presence of Allah Almighty. The actual fact is that Islam is barely a faith of gentleness and ease, and selecting the trail of gentleness and ease is barely doable due to love.

Hazrat Anas (could Allah be happy with him) narrates that the Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned, which means:

“Create ease, don’t entice in problem, give excellent news and don’t hate” (Bukhari).

That’s, invite individuals to faith, then make it simple for individuals at each stage from preaching to the implementation of faith and don’t make it troublesome and strict. This message of the Prophet ﷺ is for all mankind from the Companions of the Prophet till the Day of Judgment.

The information of the love and compassion, mercy and ease of the Prophet (ﷺ) for people is that the enemies of the Prophet (ﷺ) throw stones at him. They battle with you and rain swords. They bleed the holy physique. You expel ﷺ from the homeland, you’re the one to plot in opposition to ﷺ, however regardless of this, you ﷺ would nonetheless be anxious and saddened for his well-being.

That is the explanation why the Prophet ﷺ didn’t increase a sword to forcefully convert anybody right into a Muslim in his entire life, and neither did the Companions of the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace, increase a sword for this objective. The infidels and polytheists themselves have been accountable for the raids and raids within the Prophet’s period, and different followers of Islam have been themselves, who would assault the Muslims on their very own, assault them, and provides them painful punishments. Briefly, if love, peace and information mix these three issues with their soul, then it’s referred to as Islam.

Hazrat Abu Dardah (RA) wrote to Hazrat Salama Bin Mukhlid (RA):

“When a servant obeys Allah, then Allah loves him, and when Allah loves him, He makes him beloved by His creatures, and when a servant disobeys Allah, Allah dislikes it and when He dislikes it, He makes it disliked by the creation.

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