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The phrase recommendation is mostly used within the sense of telling good issues and giving good recommendation. It’s within the second chapter of Shafa’ Sharif that the intention of the one who is being suggested is the whole goodness and goodwill of the one who is being suggested. is completed

Within the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, there are a lot of advices for each class of humanity and its technique, and the point out of recommendation in a great method and its fruits and outcomes are talked about within the Holy Qur’an. And about this, there’s a point out of the recommendation of the three nice prophets Hazrat Nuh, Hazrat Hud and Hazrat Saleh (peace be upon them) within the Qur’an, Surah Al-A’raf, after they stated to their those who we don’t ask you for any form of recommendation. We don’t ask for any reward or compensation, however now we have come to advise you.

Within the Holy Qur’an, see the decree of the Lord Almighty, the which means of which is:

“Allah instructions you to be simply, form, and useful to your kin, and forbids immorality, evil deeds, and disobedience.” He advises you so that you just settle for it and keep in mind it.” (Al-Nahl)

And the Holy Qur’an additionally quoted the recommendation of Hazrat Luqman, who was the beloved servant of Allah and the grasp of knowledge, which he gave to his son. All these advices are contained in Surah Luqman. These may be illustrated by seven primary factors. He began his recommendation with monotheism and ended it with some ethical points.

Two of them are associated to worship and the remaining 5 are associated to affairs and way of life. He ordered to keep away from shirk and made you notice that your Lord is watching you on a regular basis and it is best to do not forget that He’s All-Understanding and All-Understanding. Keep, be affected person with struggling, keep away from satisfaction and be reasonable in pace and voice. (Reference: Surah Luqman)

In the identical manner, whereas mentioning the rights of a Muslim over a Muslim, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) talked about about one in all these advices: When he asks you for recommendation, give him recommendation.

(Muslim Kitab al-Salam)

Within the chapter of recommendation, this saying of the Prophet ﷺ is essential, which means:

“Know the 5 issues earlier than the 5 issues! Your youth earlier than your previous age. Put your well being earlier than your sickness. Put your wealth earlier than your poverty. Your leisure earlier than your busyness and your life earlier than your loss of life.” (Al-Mustadrik)

Hazrat Shah Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlavi, explaining the order of recommendation, says that recommendation is a Sunnah generally conditions, however when somebody reveals a need to take heed to recommendation, then it’s essential to advise him. (Isha’at al-Luma’at, Kitab al-Jana’iz)

Etiquette and Procedures of Advising:

Who and tips on how to advise is crucial chapter. And the model of recommendation of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was superb, through which the appropriateness and delicacy of the event was particularly taken under consideration. It was a blessed behavior of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) that when somebody was conscious of one thing disagreeable, this was a great way of correcting it, whereas holding the veil, he would say, “What has occurred to individuals who say such and such?” (Abu Dawud)

Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas (might Allah be happy with him) stated, That means: Recite the hadeeth to the individuals as soon as each Friday, i.e. each week, and if you don’t imagine in it, then recite it twice, and if you wish to do extra, recite it thrice. Do not make individuals confused by this Qur’an, and I do not discover you in a state of affairs the place you go to a individuals and they’re engaged of their speak, then you definitely begin preaching to them, in order that their speak ends. Then allow them to sleep, however stay silent, then in the event that they command you, then recite the hadiths to them on this state in order that they’re keen on it. Keep away from utilizing muqafi (poetic) phrases in supplication, as a result of I discovered the Messenger of Allah, might God bless him and grant him peace, and his Companions, might God bless him and grant him peace, that they didn’t do this. (Bukhari)

Hazrat Qazi Fazeel bin Ayyad (peace be upon him) says {that a} believer covers up and advises, whereas quite the opposite, a transgressor defames and brings disgrace. (Jami al-Uloom)

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, stated, the which means of which is that whoever causes disgrace to his Muslim brother by means of a sin for which he has repented, then the one who causes disgrace is not going to die till he himself commits a sin. (Tirmidhi)

We also needs to get this type of reform, our state of affairs is usually that if we need to clarify to somebody, we’ll clarify it unnecessarily by taking the identify of Sharia in entrance of everybody or him in such a manner as to open the pool of the poor. Ask your conscience whether or not it was to elucidate or to humiliate him. On this manner, enchancment can be created or additional deterioration will enhance. ?

Bear in mind! Even when the particular person in entrance of us shuts up or agrees resulting from our worry, even then there can be a sense of disgust in his coronary heart, which may open the doorways of hatred, backbiting, slander, and so forth.

That’s the reason Hazrat Umm Dardah (might Allah be happy along with her) says, “Whoever advises his spiritual sister publicly, he has given her a fault, and whoever does it secretly, he has given her adornment.” (Shaab Al-Ayman)

In the long run, see the phrases of Nasih Ulama Hazrat Syedna Ali Al-Murtaza Karamullah Rabiyyah within the chapter of recommendation, which is the most effective encyclopedia of this subject. He (might Allah be happy with him) stated, which means: “Admonishing somebody in entrance of individuals is the same as trampling on his character.” And whenever you reprimand a younger man, take into account his errors as a legitimate excuse in order that he doesn’t turn into cussed by your strictness.

“Rebuke your buddy with good and take away his evil with reward.”

And relating to what must be suggested and what shouldn’t be suggested, he stated a complete precept which is a guiding gentle for each illiterate particular person. You stated:

“Do not blame an excessive amount of on what will not be a sin.”

Could Allah assist us to behave.

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