Tribal violence in India: Army deployed in Manipur and authorities ordered "shooting without warning"

Tribal violence in India: Army deployed in Manipur and authorities ordered “shooting without warning”

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Tribal violence in India: Army deployed in Manipur and authorities ordered “shooting without warning”

It all started when the High Court of that state urged to consider the inclusion of the Meitei tribe in its list of scheduled castes, which met with rejection among the rest of the tribal groups.

  1. Tribal violence has erupted in the eastern state of Manipur in India, leaving several people dead and many others injured.
  2. The violence has been ongoing for several weeks and has primarily been fueled by long-standing land disputes between different tribes in the region.
  3. The state government has deployed additional security forces to the affected areas to maintain law and order and prevent further violence.
  4. The violence has affected several villages and has resulted in the displacement of thousands of people who have been forced to flee their homes.
  5. Many of the displaced people are currently living in temporary camps set up by the government, where they are receiving food, shelter, and other basic amenities.
  6. The violence has also disrupted the normal functioning of schools and businesses in the affected areas, with many schools remaining closed and businesses unable to operate due to the security situation.
  7. The state government has appealed for calm and urged all parties involved to resolve their differences peacefully through dialogue and negotiations.
  8. The central government in New Delhi has also expressed concern over the situation in Manipur and has assured the state government of its support in restoring normalcy.
  9. The violence in Manipur is not an isolated incident and is part of a larger pattern of tribal conflicts that have plagued many parts of India.
  10. Experts have called for a comprehensive approach to addressing tribal conflicts in India, including measures to address the underlying social, economic, and political factors that contribute to these conflicts.

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Tribal violence in India: Eastern State of Manipur

India deployed the army in the eastern state of Manipur on Thursday to quell violent protests that have erupted in the region following a clash between tribal groups that has led to the burning of several buildings and the evacuation of thousands of civilians.

Tribal violence in India: In order to restore law and order in Manipur, the Indian Army and Assam Rifles conducted extensive rescue operations to evacuate more than 7,500 residents from all communities over the course of one night.

Meanwhile, the authorities of Manipur ordered “shooting without warning” to the crowd and impose a curfew to try to quell the tribal violence that has erupted in recent hours in the region, which has left at least six dead and up to 9,000 displaced.

Tribal violence in India: Local authorities approved an order for police forces to shoot without warning “in extreme cases where all forms of persuasion, warning or application of force have been exhausted in a reasonable manner,” the Times of India reported.

The protests stem from a decision by the Manipur High Court, which on April 20 urged the ruling party to consider including the Meitei tribe, which represents more than 50% of its population, in its list of registered castes, which would allow its members to access greater resources.

Tribal violence in India: A possibility that met with strong rejection from the rest of the state’s tribal groups, who criticized that granting them special status would nullify the advantages it brings to people from minority communities like theirs.

Tribal violence in India: Army deployed in Manipur and authorities ordered "shooting without warning"

Tribal violence in India: Members of Other Trtibes Protests

Tribal violence in India: Following the Court’s order, members of the other tribes staged protests that have grown in number and intensity over the past month, until the two factions clashed yesterday during a march, setting rise to the spiral of violence that has engulfed Manipur.

Numerous buildings have been burned, including churches, in the framework of these riots, according to several videos uploaded to social networks.

Tribal violence in India: In response, the government suspended Internet services for five days yesterday and imposed a curfew in several areas of the state, according to a statement from regional authorities picked up by the Indian Times of India.

However, the head of the Government of Manipur, Biren Singh, wanted to call for calm to the members of both groups, and said in a statement shared on Twitter that the clashes were the result of a “misunderstanding between both communities that has already been fixed” and added that the situation “will return very soon to normal.”


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