Maxi Trusso Upset: reported that thieves entered his house in Tigre and stole USD13,000

Maxi Trusso Upset: reported that thieves entered his house in Tigre and stole USD13,000

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Maxi Trusso Upset: The musician and DJ Maxi Trusso denounced that criminals entered his home in a private neighborhood of Rincon de Milberg, in the party of Tigre, and stole $ 13,000, sources in the case informed XCN.

Researchers do not rule out hypotheses and work on fingerprints found on the property of the famous DJ

Maxi Trusso Upset: Robbery Occurred on Friday

The robbery occurred on Friday afternoon at the address located in lot 48, block 4, of the country Santa María de Tigre, located on Provincial Route 27, bordering the Luján River.

According to sources, the thieves entered the property of the 52-year-old DJ through an opening on the top floor and searched the entire house: they took a safe that was walled in one of the rooms on the first floor and money that he hid under a piece of furniture.

Maxi Trusso Upset: Approx 10,000 Plus Dollar Loot

Inside the safe, according to the complaint, was an approximate sum of three thousand dollars, the sources said. The rest of the loot would be made up of another $ 10,000 that Trusso kept in another sector of the house, under the furniture.

Although initially only the theft of that amount was reported, judicial sources detailed that later the musician revealed that he was missing the rest.

Maxi Trusso Upset: In addition, the thieves took a folding ladder. That data was used by the investigators to search in the videos of leaving the private neighborhood for an element of those characteristics in the cars that left. However, they failed to find clues in that regard.

Maxi Trusso Upset: Researchers Believe (Someone has key to the house)

Although hypotheses are not ruled out, the researchers believe that there could be a deliverer or that it could have been the work of someone with access to the house, in which, they estimate, they were between two and three hours, when the author of “Nothing at all”, among other hits of electropop music, was out of his house.

Maxi Trusso upset: At the moment, there are no witnesses and the security cameras on that corner do not work, so there are no images that allow clues about the thieves and their movements, they said.

“We only have fingerprints, neighbors said they didn’t see anything,” added the source who could not specify how many criminals committed the robbery.

It is not the first time that one of the houses in the private neighborhood of Santa María de Tigre has been assaulted. Between March 19 and 22 there was a string of robberies like this, with “escruche” mode, attributed to a gang of Colombians who were filmed both inside the country and abroad when they escaped in a Peugeot 408 car.

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For these facts, on March 28, two 23-year-old Colombian suspects were apprehended after a chase by Benavídez, from whom the agents kidnapped cash, gold chains, watches and two backpacks with cutting elements for entering homes, balaclavas, gloves, flat screwdrivers and plastic seals.

Maxi Trusso Upset: reported that thieves entered his house in Tigre and stole USD13,000

Judicial spokesmen indicated that, unlike the case of Trusso’s house, where someone with knowledge of the property seems to have been involved, those blows were “volleyed” in the houses on the perimeter edges of the country.

Maxi Trusso Upset: The DJ’s house, on the other hand, is located far from that sector, so suspicions about an internal maneuver grow.

The incident was labeled as “robbery” by prosecutor Sebastián Fitipaldi, in charge of the decentralized Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) of Rincón de Milberg.


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