Indian cough syrup news: Cough syrup manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies must be tested before export

Indian cough syrup news: Cough syrup manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies must be tested before export

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Indian cough syrup news: Following the alleged deaths of dozens of children in Gambia and Uzbekistan due to Indian-made cough syrup, the government has issued an official notice stating that the export of cough syrup will be allowed only after testing samples in a government laboratory.

In a notice issued on May 22, the government said that before exporting any cough syrup, it is necessary to have a certificate of analysis issued by the government laboratory. The decision will come into effect in June.

The $41 billion pharmaceutical business in India is one of the world’s largest, yet the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found dangerous compounds in cough syrups manufactured by three Indian companies, giving significant damage to the country’s reputation.

Indian cough syrup news: Last year, 70 children were reported killed in The Gambia and 19 in Uzbekistan due to cough syrup produced by two Indian companies.

A notice issued by India’s Commerce Ministry said that permission to export cough syrup will be subject to the submission of a certificate of examination and analysis of the export samples.

Indian cough syrup news: The notice listed seven federal government laboratories where samples may be tested.

In addition, other state laboratories have also been identified, which have been certified by the National Accreditation Agency.

It may be recalled that the deaths of children in Gambia were allegedly caused by cough syrup made by Maiden Pharmaceutical Limited, but no toxic substance was found in its Indian test. Several drugs developed by Marion Biotech, another pharmaceutical company, were found to contain contaminants, and the same syrup was linked to deaths in Uzbekistan.

Indian cough syrup news: According to the British news agency Reuters, India is considering changing its pharmaceutical sector policies, including enhancing the testing of cough syrup and raw materials for medicines.

According to the Author, Quality control plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medications. Among these products, cough syrups are widely used for the treatment of cough and cold symptoms. Cough syrup testing holds immense importance as it guarantees the quality, potency, and safety of these medications. This article explores the significance of cough syrup testing and why it is crucial in maintaining public health.

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Indian cough syrup news: Cough syrup manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies must be tested before export

The Need for Cough Syrup Testing: Indian cough syrup news

Ensuring Safety: Cough syrups contain active ingredients that help alleviate cough and cold symptoms. However, improper formulation or contamination can lead to adverse reactions or health risks. Rigorous testing ensures that cough syrups are free from harmful contaminants, impurities, or incorrect ingredient proportions.

Assessing Potency: Testing cough syrups (Indian cough syrup news) allows pharmaceutical companies to determine the concentration and potency of active ingredients. Accurate dosage levels are crucial to ensure optimal efficacy in treating cough symptoms, while inadequate levels may render the medication ineffective.

Confirming Label Claims: Cough syrup testing verifies the accuracy of label claims, including the ingredients and their quantities mentioned on the packaging. This helps consumers make informed decisions about the medications they consume and promotes transparency within the industry.

Quality Assurance: Through testing, manufacturers can ensure their cough syrups meet strict quality standards. This includes evaluating factors such as shelf life, stability, uniformity, and overall product quality. Compliance with these standards ensures that consumers receive reliable and consistent products.

Indian cough syrup news: Testing Methods

Chemical Analysis: Advanced laboratory techniques are employed to assess the presence and concentration of active ingredients, as well as detect any impurities or contaminants that may be present in cough syrups.

Microbiological Testing: Microbiological testing involves analyzing cough syrups for the presence of harmful bacteria, molds, or yeast. This is crucial to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of the product.

Stability Testing: Cough syrup stability testing assesses the product’s durability over time, including factors such as temperature, humidity, and light exposure. This helps determine the shelf life and storage conditions required to maintain the medication’s quality.

Indian cough syrup news: Regulatory Compliance

Cough syrup testing is not only important for maintaining high product standards but also for complying with regulatory requirements. Government agencies and pharmaceutical authorities enforce stringent regulations to safeguard public health. Testing ensures compliance with these regulations and prevents the distribution of substandard or potentially harmful cough syrups.


Cough syrup testing is an essential component of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. It ensures the safety, potency, and quality of cough syrups, promoting public health and consumer confidence. Through rigorous testing methods and regulatory compliance, manufacturers can uphold high standards and deliver reliable products to address cough and cold symptoms effectively. The importance of cough syrup testing cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in protecting the well-being of individuals who rely on these medications.


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