Cockade Day 2023: why it is celebrated today, how it was created and what mystery it hides

Cockade Day 2023: why it is celebrated today, how it was Created, and What Mystery it hides

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Cockade Day 2023: There is no official documentation that refers to why Manuel Belgrano chose the colors light blue and white for the creation of the homeland insignia.

Cockade Day 2023: The Day of the Cockade in Argentina is celebrated every May 18. This blue and white insignia was created at the beginning of 1812 by Manuel Belgrano, who based himself on those colors for the design of the national flag, which was born a short time later.

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Cockade Day 2023: How was the Cockade created?

211 years ago, the territory of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata was in the process of independence.

Cockade Day 2023: Manuel Belgrano had been appointed as head of the Patricios Regiment and, in February 1812, he had the mission of guarding, from Rosario, the Paraná River and preventing the advance of the royalists of Montevideo. It was then that the Argentine hero had an idea: to create a badge that would identify each of the local soldiers in order to differentiate them from the enemies.

On February 13, 1812, he requested permission from the Triumvirate to create the cockade. Five days later, the application was approved, and that’s how the light blue and white badge was born. While there are several versions that explain why Belgrano opted for these colors, there is no official documentation that validates them, so the reason remains a mystery.

With the aim of creating and strengthening the national identity, on February 27 of the same year, Belgrano gave rise to another of the patriotic symbols. Because it was necessary to raise the flag and I didn’t have it, I ordered it to be made blue and white, according to the colors of the cockade, the patriot wrote to the Triumvirate.


Cockade Day 2023: Why is Cockade Day celebrated today?

The curious thing about the Day of the Argentine Cockade is that the date on which the anniversary is celebrated does not correspond to any of the key historical days in the emergence of this badge, that is, neither February 13 nor 18, 1812. On the contrary, the origin of the day refers to an event closer in time and to a celebration that was organized around the distinctive homeland.

On May 13, 1934, Professor Carmen Cabrera and professors Benito A. Favre and Antonio Ardissono proposed that the 20th of the same month be celebrated as Cockade Day. For that, they asked for authorization from the National Council of Education, which approved the idea, although with a small modification. Without giving reasons, the entity said that the celebration should be held on May 18, a date that coincides with the beginning of May Week.

Cockade Day 2023: why it is celebrated today, how it was created and what mystery it hides

Cockade Day 2023: The anniversary would reach the school calendar much later, in 1951. Since then, the day is celebrated year after year and each primary school in the Argentine Republic respects it with a commemorative act.

Anyway, on the official website of the national government, it is clarified that the cockade is not strictly a patriotic symbol. But, despite this, it is often placed on a par with the flag, the anthem and the national coat of arms, which are, and is characterized as an emblem of nationality, since it has been fundamental for the construction of national identity.


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