Tik Tok Dance Songs App: Europe is scared by the popularity of Tik Tok, NATO has banned it

Tik Tok Dance Songs App: Europe is scared by the popularity of Tik Tok, NATO has banned it

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Two NATO officials say employees are formally prohibited from installing tik tok dance songs app on NATO-supplied devices.

Tik tok dance songs app officially banned

NATO has officially banned employees from installing the social networking app TikTok on NATO-supplied devices, citing security reasons, according to two NATO officials.

Tik tok dance songs app is already unusable on Nato

The ban was announced in a memo that NATO officials issued to officials Friday morning, officials said. The note formalizes the ban, although officials claim that TikTok is already unusable on NATO-issued devices due to internal technical limitations.

As NATO’s top priority is cyber security, NATO has strict criteria for selecting applications for use in official business. According to a senior NATO official, Tik Tok cannot be accessed on NATO devices.

Tik tok dance songs app can access data

According to NATO, the latest government body to ban the app, the Chinese government can access users’ data on TikTok through its Chinese parent firm ByteDance. Earlier, the US, UK, European Parliament and other states stopped the use of this telephone operation on computer-helped telephones.

TikTok CEO Shu Chiu told US senators earlier this month to push for the company’s independence from Beijing, saying he had seen no evidence the Chinese government had access to the data. They have never requested from us nor have we provided. He added that US company Oracle will keep TikTok’s data in the US territory, adding that TikTok is moving its data there.

So the threat can be compared to any government wanting a US corporation for data.

Tik Tok Dance Songs App: Europe is scared by the popularity of Tik Tok, NATO has banned it

Western management is still disappointing. On the same day that Chew spoke to Congress earlier this month, Foreign Minister Antony Blanken said that TikTok must be shut down somehow. It is clear that we, the government and others are concerned about this problem and are working to solve it.


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