Surgical Height Increase: The American spends $170,000 on painful surgery to grow 5 inches tall

Surgical Height Increase: The American spends $170,000 on painful surgery to grow 5 inches tall

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Surgical Height Increase: It is said that passion has no value and that a fanatic can do anything. Such a case happened with an American citizen.

This 41-year-old man was of average height but he was looking for a girlfriend and he was worried that he Because of his short stature, no tall girl will graze him.

Surgical Height Increase: Upto 3 Inches

What happened next, he felt insecure about his height and decided to undergo surgery to increase his height, but he had to undergo painful surgery to increase his physique by five inches (12.7 cm).

The New York Post quoted the American as saying that Moses Gibson was actually 5 feet 5 inches tall and was struggling to find a girlfriend because of his height.

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Gibson, from Minnesota, said he suffered from insecurities because of his short stature. His short stature affected his dating life and he kept putting things in his shoes to make him look a little bigger. But it didn’t matter much.

He initially turned to medication and a spiritual therapist, but both failed. Gibson then began saving for leg-lengthening surgery (surgical height increase).

He explains that he worked as a software engineer by day and as an Uber driver by night, saving $75,000. He had his first surgery in 2016, adding 3 inches to his overall height of 5 feet and It was 8 inches. He was happy with this but not satisfied.

In March 2023, they raised $98,000 to pay for another lengthy surgery. He hoped to increase his height by two more.

During the procedure (surgical height increase), doctors reportedly broke the bones in both shins and inserted magnetic nails to lengthen the limbs. They are now given powerful drugs to deal with the pain.

Surgical Height Increase: Upto 2 more Inches by June

Gibson has to use a height-lengthening device three times a day to separate the amputated bone by one millimeter. Doctors say that if used properly, his height will be 5 feet 10 inches by June.

“After the first surgery, I’ve become less hesitant and less concerned about the consequences when talking to women,” he was quoted as saying by the New York Post. “I’ve also started wearing shorts and taking full-body photos,” Gibson proudly declared. I’ve never done this before.”

Regarding the second procedure (surgery), he said, “I think when I complete this part, I can be free. I won’t care about my height anymore. I will be satisfied with what I have.”

Surgical Height Increase: Lengthy Treatment

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) says leg lengthening is a lengthy treatment and carries a risk of complications, so it is not always recommended. Some complications include poor bone formation, fractures, infections, bone lengthening at an inappropriate rate, and blood clots.

The NHS added in the information available online: “There is also some uncertainty about the safety and efficacy of this method. However, it also states that this method can sometimes result in a significant increase in height.”

Surgical Height Increase: The American spends $170,000 on painful surgery to grow 5 inches tall

Gibson said, “I would advise anyone who wants to do it, they can do it.” I definitely want to spread this, and I would be happy if this advice can help other people go through this process.”


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