PTI social media users launch a unique campaign to teach PML-N a lesson

PTI social media users launch a unique campaign to teach PML-N a lesson

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI social media) users have come up with a unique way to teach a lesson to the ruling coalition PDM.

According to details, top PTI workers on social media have decided to respond to the tweets of political leaders and their supporting journalists by taking screenshots instead of comments and replies and sharing them to take revenge on the PDM. it will be severely hit.

PTI social media started ‘No comment zero’ reach campaign

This hashtag of ‘No comment zero reach‘ was started by a user named Shahrbano, a supporter of PTI, whose aim was that if PTI workers do not comment on the official accounts of the PML-N, their accounts will be lost.

If a PTI supporter comments on a tweet by a PML-N leader, it will appear on the timeline of all those who have followed the commenter. In this way, if other people comment on the tweet that has been commented on, then not only the reach increases but the followers also increase. Shahrbano said that I think the time has come to campaign Maryam Nawaz and all the envelope journalists should not comment on their tweet or retweet the coat, take the screenshot and tweet themselves, this will make their reach zero in 7 days.

This suggestion of Shahrbano proved to be effective, PTI supporters instead of commenting on the accounts of the PML-N by tweeting comments or quotes, kept sharing the image of his tweets, due to which the reach of his accounts started decreasing.

After Shahr Bano, other active pti social media activists and ordinary social media users also encouraged this method to make it their habit and responded to the tweets of various government leaders with screenshots instead of commenting or sharing.

A user named Fayyaz Shah also described this method as useful, saying that take a screenshot and tweet on your timeline without tagging. 80% of the comments on his account are from PTI people, which is wrong.

Your comments don’t read any of them but you’re helping them spread nonsense and increase the reach of their accounts.

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PTI social media users launch a unique campaign to teach PML-N a lesson

A PTI social media users launch a similar campaign, a user named Abu Zar Furqan said that if Imran Khan’s followers start promoting pro-PDM journalists and social media workers on Twitter, then pdm will end in two days because they do not have their own reach and when we respond to them, it spreads further.


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