Omani marrying foreigners: Men and women allowed marrying foreigners without approval

Omani marrying foreigners: Men and women allowed marrying foreigners without approval

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Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq has issued a decree regarding the marriage of Omani men and women to foreigners, (Omani marrying foreigners) after which it has been made legal to marry foreigners without permission.

According to the order published by the Omani News Agency, it was asked to cancel the royal decree, which called for regulating the marriage of Omanis to foreigners and imposed various conditions. Similarly, the order states that the provisions of this decree should not affect the provisions of Islamic law or public order and any provision of laws, royal decrees and applicable regulations that stipulate not marrying a foreigner. The order states that documents proving the marriage of Omanis to foreigners (Omani marrying foreigners) will be prepared in accordance with the relevant laws and provisions of royal decrees.

Omani marrying foreigners: The order is consistent with the pace of movement of society

Omani writer Mohammed al-Batashi said the decree confirms that the Sultan of Oman prioritizes human rights and social issues. Want to update legal weapons and legislate according to the spirit and dynamics of the time. In this way, this order is in line with the pace of the movement of society.

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Explaining the previous decree on marriage to foreigners, Al-Batashi said that the old order stated that the citizen who wants to marry a foreigner must be at least 45. It must first submit the application through the nearest office of the governor. The Interior Ministry will have to apply to get the permit. One of the conditions of the previous order was that the applicant for marriage to a non-Omani woman should be able to financially bear the expenses of the wedding, provide proper accommodation and support the family and he should not have married an Omani woman.

Mohammed al-Batashi added that a committee consisting of two members of the Interior Ministry was formed to study the applications submitted for marriage from abroad in case of an application for marriage to a foreign woman. One of them was the committee’s chairman.

In more details of the previous order, Mohammed al-Batashi clarified that violations of the rules were punishable by a financial fine of up to 2,000 Omani riyals and loss of government service.

In this context, Omani lawyer Salah al-Muqabali has said that in the new order, there is one condition left for marrying foreigners and that is that marriage should not be against Islamic law and public order. These are two basic conditions for marrying foreigners in the Sultanate of Oman.

Omani lawyer Faisal al-Saidi also said that both women and men were involved in Omanis’ marriages with foreigners without permission.

Omani marrying foreigners: The decree can distort the foreign social fabric

There has also been criticism of the unconditional permission to marry foreigners in the Sultanate of Oman (omani marrying foreigners). According to the writer, the new order would surely have societal consequences because marriage is the pillar of society, and this decree will change the social fabric in the future. In particular, economic, health, and social impacts will lead to an increase in the rate of marriage with foreign women. This wave might then become a social culture. This culture will inevitably affect the rate of women left without marriage in the country.

He added that some restrictions should remain and the field should not be left open to everyone. It has a negative impact on the individual and society in terms of religion, customs, and traditions, so the door should not be left open. There should be control to organize marriage into various negative and positive aspects.

Omani marrying foreigners: Men and women allowed marrying foreigners without approval
Omani marrying foreigners: Men and women allowed marrying foreigners without approval

It is worth noting that the marriage of Omani (Omani marrying foreigners) men to non-Omani women and the marriage of Omani women to non-Omani men usually lead to significant controversies. It has been said that according to the 2020 population census, the number of men in the Sultanate of Oman is more than 22,000 more than the number of women. Those opposing it say that marrying abroad will also create problems such as higher dowry and increased wedding expenses within the country.


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