India to be the biggest culprit of an internet blackout in 2022

India to be the biggest culprit of an internet blackout in 2022

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According to an international survey, India topped the list of countries with internet blackout last year.
According to the news of the foreign news agency, a new report by ‘Keep it On’ and ‘Access Now’ found that 35 countries blacked out the Internet last year, with which India is the first.

The report found that a record number of countries have implemented internet shutdowns in 2022, which have had a devastating impact on human lives.

Internet blackout by India

India suspended internet services at least 84 times in 2022, marking the fifth consecutive year of internet blackouts in the country.

Protests, active disputes, examinations, elections, law and order and political instability have been justified for the suspension of internet service.

The report said that the number of 35 countries with internet blackouts last year was higher than the 2016 data.

Ukraine also suffered 22 internet shutdowns imposed by the Russian military during the invasion in February last year, while Iran suffered 18 internet blackouts during mass protests across the country.

Ethiopia’s Tigray region has had the longest recorded shutdown of more than two years since 2020, and all regions of Myanmar since 2021.

Felicia Antonio, survey campaign manager, said authoritarian regimes and democracies around the world have suspended internet services to fuel their repressive agendas.

India to be the biggest culprit of an internet blackout in 2022
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Manager Felicia Antonio said that safe internet access is for everyone, and we will continue to fight these attacks on human rights with collective action.


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