Jake Paul and Tommy Fury Full Fight, Time, and Live Match Updates

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Full Fight, Time, and Live Match Updates

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In a one-on-one matchup on Sunday, jake paul vs Tommy fury will finally enter the ring. The brazen young guys, who are both better known for their non-boxing antics than their fighting careers, are making their third effort to square off in combat.

Promoters have dubbed the fight “The Truth,” and there may not be a more appropriate moniker given all that will be revealed about both Paul and Fury (Sunday, 2 p.m. ET, ESPN+ PPV).

Jake paul vs Tommy fury professional boxer’s career

Paul has established himself as a committed boxer who uses the tools he has acquired from his time as an actor on Disney Channel and a successful job as an influencer to put up real training camps, despite the continual barrage of criticism from boxing “traditionalists.” Yet, because he can’t take on the low-level, no-name opposition that typically marks the beginning of a professional boxer’s career, his prominence has led to an unconventional roster of opponents.

Paul began his career by knocking out fellow social media superstar AnEsonGib in the first round, followed by a nasty viral knockout of former NBA player Nate Robinson. He next turned his attention to prominent figures in the mixed martial arts community, knocking out an uninspired and out-of-shape Ben Askren before losing to Tyron Woodley in a split decision.

Jake paul vs Tommy fury UFC champions in combat

Every fight is always taken seriously by me. I’ve faced UFC champions in combat. When I was watching Disney Channel, Tyron Woodley was taking home the UFC title. Thus, none of what Tommy says about having done this his entire life matters anything to me Paul remarked during the closing presser. I am now more focused. While Tommy is now aiming at me. The biggest opportunity of his life is here. He has never before performed on such a stage. He also has never received a pay check like this. In comparison to this, the pay he received was paltry.

Due to an injury to Fury, the initially scheduled fight between the two fighters was canceled. Paul then faced Woodley again and knocked her out once more. Paul scheduled a fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. after another fight with Fury was postponed in late 2022 because Fury’s immigration into the United States was rejected. However, that fight also fell through because Rahman objected to the weight limit in the contract he had signed for the fight.

Jake paul vs Tommy fury prevalent criticism

In order to answer a prevalent criticism of Paul’s career—that he had never faced off against a fighter who had spent years training as a professional boxer—fights with Fury and Rahman were organized.

In his subsequent bout, Paul faced up against UFC veteran Anderson Silva, who had achieved success in the boxing ring. Although spending the majority of his life in mixed martial arts, Silva posed an unusual challenge with his length, uncomfortable fighting style, and real skills. He had previously defeated former middleweight boxing champion Julio César Chavez Jr.

Silva was knocked out late by Paul, who then claimed a decision victory, but Silva was once more criticized for not being a “true boxer” and for competing against a 47-year-old. Paul returned to the Fury fight one last time, and this time it took place in Saudi Arabia to get around the Fury family’s continuous immigration problems related to their apparent connections to accused crime lord Daniel Kinahan.

Jake paul vs Tommy fury professional boxer fight

“I can finally put an end to the naysayers who have urged me to “fight a professional boxer, fight someone your age,” which is why I’m so eager for this fight. I concur. I have not established that. But this is why it’s such a major fight, “Paul stated. “This is the reason I’m so happy. This is the reason I’ve given this guy several opportunities and paid him a lot of money for him to eventually turn up. And it looked like the only time he was interested in participating was when I upped the stakes financially. Therefore, it’s a good thing he’s here now.”

Jake paul vs Tommy fury conventional boxing career

Fury has had a more conventional boxing career than Paul, though it is debatable whether that has been a better predictor of future boxing success. Fury is famous for being the younger half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury as well as for appearing on the television program “Love Island U.K.”

When Fury met them, his eight opponents had a combined record of 24-176-5, with nearly every one of them acting as a “professional opponent” whose careers revolve around losing to fighters who are considered prospects to differing degrees.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Full Fight, Time, and Live Match Updates
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Fury’s most recent battle came against Daniel Bocianski, who had a 10-1 record but had just suffered a TKO loss in his previous bout. Fury won the bout on points after scoring one knockdown in a rather uninspired contest in which neither fighter contributed much more.

Hence, we eventually witness the fight between these two men, neither of whom is a very accomplished boxer, and who both have unimpeachable résumés, in an effort to shed some light on “The Truth.”

“We have dissected this man. We have examined him. He commits numerous errors, “Paul spoke. “He excels offensively. He has an excellent jab. many combinations. Speed. good movement. Nice motion. He is not a great boxer, but he is a good one. On Sunday, his lack of defence and lack of head movement will be made clear.”

Jake paul vs Tommy fury Live Match Updates

Here is the “Scoreboard” for Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury


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