Secret underground airbases Iran releases in a video

Iran releases Secret underground airbases in a video

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Iran’s military has released a video of one of its secret underground airbases in response to major joint military exercises between the US and Israel.

Underground airbases Iran’s military has released a video

According to foreign media reports, Iran’s military has released a video of a large and secret underground air base to demonstrate its air military capabilities in response to major joint US-Israeli exercises.

Iran’s military also announced a new air-launched missile that it says can attack the enemy at long range.

Various fighter jets and military drones were seen on state television on Tuesday at the installation known as “Eagle 44,” which isn’t actually located.
According to a state TV host, the base was buried in the mountains to shield it from weapons dropped on it by US strategic bombers.

Top military officials were also present during the filming of this video.
It should be noted that the video was released less than two weeks after the US and Israel held their largest joint exercises to date.

In addition to ships and artillery systems, thousands of soldiers and dozens of planes were used in this exercise during the growing tension between Iran and Israel.

Days before the combined exercises, Iran conducted extensive military preparation training.

Iran’s state TV host stated in a speech to Israel and the United States that he might not have heard Iran’s message.

Secret underground airbases Iran releases in a video
Secret underground airbases Iran releases in a video

State television showed footage of fighter jets taking off for day and night air exercises, adding that the message from these operations is that we are now the major air power in the region.


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